My efforts at evaluating Tokyo Cabinet hit a bit of a dead-end when I realised there were no .NET bindings for it. I suppose I could have evaluated it using Ruby or Python, but that would have just been putting off the inevitable. At some stage I would need .NET bindings if I was to use it in a project.

So I’ve gone ahead and implemented the TokyoTyrant binary network protocol in a .NET wrapper. I’ve open-sourced my efforts, and you can download the source from CodePlex at

I am mostly interested in using Tokyo Cabinet as a document database, so my implementation fully supports the table database mode of Tokyo Cabinet. It’s a full implementation though, so there is support for it’s various key/value modes too.

Mono is fully supported and there is a comprehensive example project, so getting up and running should be easy.

Give the library a spin and let me know if you have any (hopefully constructive) criticism.

I’ve been getting increasingly interested in alternative databases of late. With alternative I mean non-relational databases of course.

There are a number of document / key value stores in development at the moment. They include projects like HBase, CouchDB, MongoDB and much more.

What has really grabbed my attention at the moment is Tokyo Cabinet. It’s a fascinating datastore that promises excellent performance along with great data security features like master-master replication.

This post isn’t about the features of Tokyo Cabinet, it’s about getting it installed so you can start playing with it yourself. The Igvita blog has a great write-up about why Tokyo Cabinet is relevant, so head over to Tokyo Cabinet: Beyond Key-Value Store for the juicy details. Once you’re impressed, head back here to install it and start playing!


I am a software developer / architect currently interested in combining .NET technologies with open-source operating systems. 

I am a member of the open-source BlogEngine.NET development team and focus mainly on ensuring Mono compatibility for the project.



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