If you've noticed all the talk about Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) on the interwebs, you've probably had a look at it and tried to wrap your mind around it.

Like me, you may have decided that it looks interesting, but told yourself that you'll get back to it someday because of the sheer lack of good introductory information available.

Well that someday is now, as Rob Conery has put together an amazing screencast that explains it in detail with truly useful and understandable examples. In fact, he's done such a good job of it that I'm completely sold. I can't wait to integrate some BDD goodness into my next project.

To see for yourself, go check out Rob's most excellent screencast here: http://blog.wekeroad.com/mvc-storefront/kona-3/

I recently happened upon an old post (circa 2005) by Scott Bellaware regarding the process behind truly understanding and using Test Driven Development.

The post in question (Failing Tests Meaningfully - TDD Process and The Karate Kid) aims more at a specific facet of TDD, but ends up doing a great job of explaining the why and how of TDD.

If you're starting out with TDD or are just curious about it, I would suggest giving the post a read.

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